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Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is all about making sure the workforce consists of the right number of people with the right skills and in the right jobs when you need them to fulfil your business plan.  The following areas all form sections of the workforce plan.

Organisational Design

ForHR can help you with designing the structure of your organisation to suit your business objectives.


We can help you identify the key competencies required in your business at different levels or in different roles.  This can be helpful when you are identifying training needs or writing job advertisements and can help you look at long-term talent and succession planning.

Job Descriptions / Role Profiles

ForHR can help you to define roles by means of job descriptions or role profiles, if that is how you prefer to work.  We are experienced in writing descriptions that set out accountabilities without being too prescriptive about how the work should be done.

Talent Management

 We can help you plan where your talent of the future will come from and what you need to do now to make sure it is available when you need it.  We can help you set up mentor or buddy schemes and identify opportunities for development by secondments, shadowing and so on.

Succession Planning

ForHR is experienced in supporting organisations to plan succession to key roles.

Career Progression

We can help you to define job structures that enable individuals to understand how they can progress in the organisation.