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Recruiting the Right People

If you have found that your employee turnover is high, you may not be recruiting the right people.  ForHR can help you define the key attributes you need in candidates and then can help you attract the people with those attributes.  (See also Retaining Staff, below.)

Brand and Candidate Expectations

ForHR can help you to understand your employer brand and how to give candidates the correct expectation of what it would be like working in your organisation.

Recruitment Problems

If you are having difficulty finding the right people for your organisation, ForHR will be able to review your processes and help you to widen the talent pool.

Partnership with Recruitment Agency

If you are spending a lot of time recruiting, it may be that you could benefit from a partnership with a recruitment agency.  ForHR can help you to: decide if that is the route for you; scope the work; run a tendering exercise to identify the best partner; and implement the new partnership.

HR Recruitment

 If ForHR have a retainer contract with you, they will carry out recruitment for HR staff if they are best placed to do that.  However, we work closely with Baker Bright Recruitment, an HR recruitment agency based in Derbyshire, and we might recommend you place your vacancy with them.

Recruitment of Other Roles

ForHR don’t usually get involved in straightforward recruitment of non-HR roles, although we will advise if you are finding it difficult to recruit to a particular role.  We do partner with some agencies and we will recommend you place your vacancies with them:

Recruitment in the Swadlincote Area

Infinite Recruitment

Other areas

Exemplia Group