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Sickness Absence Management

Sickness absence management is the process of dealing with any absences of your staff due to sickness or injury.

Policies and procedures can be put in place to set out how you will manage absence.  These provide a framework for managers who need to deal with absence and also for absent employees, so they know what is expected of them.

Many organisations have found that just letting employees know that their absences are being monitored and talking about absence in return to work meetings will significantly reduce absence.

It is good practice to keep records of employees’ absence, including any patterns of absence.  Many organisations also set trigger levels for when they will take action over an individual’s absence.

The effect of no absence management

A lack of absence management can negatively affect the workforce.  Taking on extra work to cover for absent colleagues, or just the perception of unfairness can affect morale and reduce productivity.  

ForHR can help you with absence management

We can advise on any absence management issues, including:

  • keeping track of absence
  • reducing absence
  • absence policies
  • disability discrimination and reasonable adjustments
  • occupational health
  • phased return
  • return to work meetings
  • Bradford Factor
  • Health & Wellbeing strategies