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HR Documentation

Whilst you probably want to keep your documents to a minimum, there are some that you do need to have.

Employment Contract

You need to give each employee a written contract (or statement of employment particulars). which sets out their contract in writing.  A good statement will be simply written and make clear all obligations of the employee and employer.

Policies and Employee Handbook

There are some policies you must have, and a number that it would be wise to have.  Many organisations have long, complex policies, written to cover every eventuality, but ForHR can provide  policies and/or an employee handbook to suit your organisation.

You must have a Disciplinary Procedure and a Grievance Procedure, both of which must be at least referred to in the Statement of Employment Particulars.  These procedures must be fair and reasonable and you should follow the ACAS Code of Practice. 

You must ensure your employees are aware of the Equality Act and the importance of compliance with it.    If you do not do this properly, you may be found vicariously liable for any discrimination or harassment by your employees.  Equality and Harassment policies would help.

Where relevant, you must ensure employees are aware of and comply with Anti-bribery laws  and with Modern Slavery legislation. Again, you may be liable for breaches if you have not properly communicated this information, which you can do with Anti-Bribery and Modern Slavery policies.

You need to have a Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Procedure, making sure employees know who to go to if they want to speak out about malpractice, illegal activity, Health & Safety violations etc. 

If you have 5 employees or more (which may include the owner or Directors), you must have a Health & Safety Statement (or policy)

A Sickness Absence policy would be useful if you need to manage your absence levels.

ForHR can provide you with these, or review the ones you have.

Letters, Forms and Templates

We can provide you with letter templates, forms and checklists to go with your policies, or we can write the letters you need, when you need them.

Initial Review of Documentation

If you already have documentation in place, we will review this for you and make recommendations for improvement if necessary, making it clear whether they are essential, or best practice.