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Some employers are afraid of unions, but they can be very helpful to an organisation, as long as the reps are constructive and properly represent the workforce.  Usually the reps, like most people, want to do a good job, so if you work with them you may find they add to communication in your organisation.

Union Recognition

If you have more than 21 employees, then they can apply for statutory recognition if there are more than half of them who want it.  In that situation it can be advantageous to agree voluntarily, before they apply.  ForHR can help you with this, being experienced in union recognition issues.

Informing and Consulting Employees

Employees have a legal right to be informed and consulted about issues at work if the organisation has 50 or more employees.

If there are at least 15 employees, or 10% of employees, who want a formal information and consultation agreement, they can request one.  If they are successful, you will have to inform and consult employees about:

  • the economic situation of the business
  • job prospects
  • major changes in how work is organised

Even if there isn’t a formal agreement you must inform and consult employees about:

  • plans to sell the business or buy a new one
  • certain changes to an occupational or personal pension scheme
  • 20 or more redundancies in any 90-day period at any single place of work

Again it might be better to put in your own agreement before the formal approach is taken; ForHR can help you through this.

Pay Negotiations

If you are finding it difficult, or want to make a big change and you don’t think it will be well-received, we can help you negotiate with your unions.  We can help you plan your whole approach for the best chance of success.

Industrial Action

We have considerable experience both of handling and of avoiding industrial action, so we can support you through the situation if that is looking likely, or if it is already happening.