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Managing Redundancy

Due to the pandemic, some companies are considering the need for redundancies.  This can be a minefield, so if you need help, make sure you go to someone who is very experienced in this area.  I have managed redundancy programmes many times and being a tribunal member I have also seen many examples of how not to do it!

Employees will understand that sometimes there is a business need to make roles redundant, but how you carry out the process will make a huge difference to how they (both those who have left and those you still employ) regard you and your company afterwards. 

You will need to consult with individual employees (don’t forget to include people who are off sick or on maternity leave) and if you are making 20 or more people redundant in a 90-day period you are likely also to have to collectively consult too – there are big penalties for failing to do this – and you will need to notify the government before you start.

It is important to carry out any selection fairly and to look for alternative employment for employees who are on notice of redundancy – and you will need to know how to calculate redundancy and notice pay.

For more detailed information, see our factsheet or flowchart.

If you are an employee who is at risk of redundancy and you don’t think it is being done fairly, make sure you go to someone who is very experienced in this area and will give you good advice. 

If you want to talk through your situation, I will listen and tell you if I think you have a case.

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