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ForHR have extensive experience of supporting line managers through disciplinary and grievance investigations.

There are some good reasons for asking for support:

  • they are very time-consuming, especially an investigation involving a number of witnesses
  • not everyone can do a good investigation – it requires logic and objectivity
  • you might end up in the Employment Tribunal – are you confident you will have done all of this well?
  • ForHR can help you do what is necessary, in the way that least disrupts your business
  • consultants are very experienced and will not take longer than necessary to get this done.
  • Rosie is a member of the Employment Tribunal panels, so she regularly sees what the Tribunals are looking for with regard to disciplinaries, grievances and investigations.

Contact me at [email protected] or 07537 865 865

Of course, you can choose to handle these yourselves – and ACAS have some very useful documents including: 

ACAS code of practice

ACAS guide

and here is a useful template for an investigation report.