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Change Management

ForHR can help you with change management:

  • Changing Terms and Conditions
  • Business Transfers and TUPE
  • Reorganisation, Restructuring & Redundancies
  • Site Move
  • Site Closure

Changing Terms and Conditions

If you want to change employees’ contracts, for example their working hours, their pay or their place of work, you should be careful – if you just impose a contract change without seeking agreement, you will be in breach of contract and your employees may:

Imposing a change is also likely to affect the employees’ level of engagement, morale and performance.

However, it is entirely possible to make changes to the pay, terms and conditions of your employees without causing major problems and ForHR can help you to do this, having been involved in many such changes.  Also see our factsheet.

Business Transfers and TUPE

When businesses or contracts for services change hands, the employees’ contracts may be protected by legislation called the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, known as TUPE.  The aim of the legislation is to stop a new employer giving employees less advantageous contracts after they take over, and to ensure that employees working on a service contract are kept on, on the same terms and conditions, when the contract is awarded to a new company.

Whether or not there has been a TUPE transfer can be a complex area, so you would be wise to seek advice.  If there is a TUPE transfer, there are specific requirements for communication and consultation with employees.  Also, you will be unable to change the transferred employees’ contracts after the transfer, just to harmonise with existing employees. 

ForHR can give you expert advice on dealing with TUPE, having been involved in a very large number of such transfers at both strategic and operational levels.

Reorganisation, Restructure and Redundancy

ForHR can help you to safely reorganise or restructure your workforce, being very experienced in this area.

We can advise on changing roles and responsibilities;  consultation requirements; changing contracts; and redundancy.

Site Move

If you are planning to move your operation from one location to another, ForHR can help you with all of the HR aspects of the move, dealing with staff who won’t move as well as staff who will.  If you involve us at the early planning stage we can help you decide on the best location for the new site;  help you decide whether you wish all terms and conditions to transfer; as well as developing a communication and consultation strategy.  We have experience in all of these areas.

Site Closure

If you have decided you need to close a site, ForHR can help with relocation and/or redundancies as well as working with other organisations to help redundant employees find new employment.  We have experience in all of these areas.