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Employee Engagement

According to Harvard Business Review, employee engagement can be defined as “something to do with how involved people are in their work and how enthusiastic they are about it”.  Not a precise definition, but still useful!

In 2019, ADP Research Institute surveyed thousands of employees from 19 different countries, in order to paint a global picture of engagement. Harvard Business Review described the study as “the most extensive and methodologically consistent global study of engagement yet undertaken”.

The researchers classified people as “Engaged” or “Coming to Work” and found the following:

  • Engaged employees perform better. Those who self-rated themselves highly were far more likely to be seen by their managers as highly productive.
  • Engaged employees stay with you for longer. Engaged employees were far less likely to leave the organisation in the following six months.

ForHR can help you understand how engaged your employees are.  We can also help you put in place the things that are known to lead to higher engagement, which include the following.

  • Managing employees as Individuals
  • Managing to their strengths
  • Trusting your employees
  • Flexible working wherever possible
  • Help your employees find meaning in their work
  • Communicating and consulting
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Providing development opportunities and career progression
  • Diversity and inclusion

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