Working with Unions

Client quote –

  • “Rosie… has demonstrated her ability to resolve complex Employee Relations issues; this can best be seen in her management of work done on the works job and pay structure for Derby… [Rosie] has gained the respect of managers and Union representatives.”   Eamonn Barry, Employee Relations Director, Rolls-Royce.

Achievements –

  • Led TUPE consultation with 12 unions involved in transferring all school support services from a council into a joint venture with Capita.  This was in a part of the business I had not previously worked with.
  • Led a management/union working party to design and implement a new job and pay structure for 5,000 manual workers in Rolls-Royce.  This involved 3 management teams and 3 different unions.
  • Negotiated with Train Drivers to change terms & conditions in Maintrain, where I had just taken over as HR Manager.

Challenge / objectives –

  • Unions in the council were fundamentally opposed to outsourcing and to Capita.
  • In Rolls-Royce, the working party had arisen as a way of settling a pay dispute; if the working party had failed, the dispute would have resumed.
  • With Maintrain, the train drivers’ union (ASLEF) was very strong, with its own agenda coming from the National leaders.

Work carried out –

  • All of the above situations involved careful planning of tactics and preparation with the management teams.
  • They involved quickly building relationships with management teams and union reps. and understanding what was important to each party.
  • They involved leading meetings and ensuring progress was made in each.
  • They all involved careful documentation of any agreements

Results –

  • Each of the projects was successful.