Redundancy Exercise including Site Closure

Achievements –

  • Made around 60 people redundant, over 7 different sites, one of which was closing. 
  • Managed to redeploy a number internally and also found roles for others externally.

Challenge / objectives –

  • Some of the redundancies involved people who moved between sites, so we had to be careful what we treated as each establishment.
  • I was the only HR person responsible for this business and some of the managers were responsible for more than one site – meaning that it was not straightforward to announce on all sites at the same time.  We had to use less senior managers on the smaller/ less complex sites.  Some of my HR colleagues from other parts of the business helped out by being present on sites during the announcement.
  • Some roles required a selection process, whilst others were stand-alone.

Work carried out –

  • I wrote a script for the announcement, which was tailored for each site/team’s individual circumstances
  • I did the redundancy calculations and provided letters at every stage.
  • I provided an overall plan and a plan for each site/team, so all managers, and my HR colleagues, were clear on what needed to happen when.
  • I held conference calls throughout the process to let the management/HR team know what was needed and to allow them to ask questions.
  • I attended collective consultation meetings on the closing site, where more than 20 people were being made redundant.  I provided a script to the senior manager and supported her in the meetings.
  • I provided scripts/record sheets for each stage of individual consultation, carried out by line managers.
  • We collected questions from all consultation meetings and I circulated Q&A to everyone involved.
  • I worked with managers to draw up selection criteria, where they were needed and arranged for the selection to be done by managers.
  • On the closing site, I arranged for representatives of JobCentre Plus, advisers from the pension providers and independent financial advisers to attend to talk to people.  We also provided assistance with CV writing and interview skills for anyone who wanted it.  People from other sites who were at risk of redundancy also could attend. 
  • At the closing site, I let relevant employers know that we had good employees being made redundant and I put the employees in tough with their HR; several people did get recruited by those companies.

Results –

  • A successful redundancy exercise with no appeals or employment tribunal claims.
  • The employees who survived seemed to feel the exercise had been carried out fairly and that those made redundant had been treated with respect.