Public Sector TUPE

Achievements –

  • Innovated to solve a problem

Challenge / objectives –

  • To outsource support services of a council to improve efficiency and save money
  • Where some of the employees held Delegated Authority (regulatory powers).

Work carried out –

  • Worked with the management team to plan how the regulatory work could be carried out in a way that was compliant with the law.
  • Led all HR aspects of the TUPE transfer.
  • Rewrote procedures, such as capability and disciplinary, to take account of the different contracts someone might have.

Results –

  • Employees without delegated authority were TUPE’d into the outsource company.
  • Employees with delegated authority were given dual employment contracts; when they were using their delegated authority, they worked for the Council and where they were not using their delegated authority they worked for the outsource company (after a TUPE transfer of those contracts).