Organisation Design

Client quote –

  • “I worked with Rosie over a number of years in a large property and infrastructure consultancy.  Rosie has an extremely broad and detailed knowledge of HR practice and procedure which she combines with a pragmatic, commercial approach to delivering the best solutions.”   Simon Birchall, Director, equals Consulting.

Achievements –

  • Increased productivity by 12% by redesigning an organisation’s structure

Challenge / objectives –

  • It was a complex organisation with a number of different professional skills, a number of different business units and a number of different sites.

Work carried out –

  • I worked with the management team to design an ideal structure for each of 4 different types of business unit; this was based on our collective experience of what worked well for the processes they were carrying out.
  • As a steering group, we compared existing structures against the ideal and proposed changes.
  • We allowed business unit managers to make a case for retaining some differences from the ideal, so managers were part of the design process.
  • I worked with managers on redundancies and redeployment to make some changes immediately; some other changes were to be made when individuals left the company of their own accord.
  • Some employees were moved to shared service centres, so fewer people would be needed to provide the same service.

Results –

There were a few redundancies, but most of the change was achieved by moving people around or waiting for them to leave naturally.  The resulting improvement in productivity significantly outweighed any redundancy costs in that year and would carry on into the future.