HR System for a Small Organisation

Achievements –

  • Implemented an HR system for a charity, which has enabled them to be more efficient

Challenge / objectives –

  • They were used to informality and didn’t record everything
  • Employees were not desk-based and needed a mobile system
  • Not all employees had separate email addresses

Work carried out –

  • I demonstrated an excellent HR system, which has been designed for small and medium sized companies – it is very inexpensive, and free for charities until the end of April 2019 (then half-price after that).
  • I did all of the set-up and loaded the data to get them started
  • I showed them how to use the system
  • I now answer any questions and provide them with an HR service, having easy access to their data.

Results –

  • Now, instead of using spreadsheets and holiday charts etc., all of their HR information is in one place and can be accessed from a mobile phone
  • Their HR information is now GDPR compliant
  • Holidays are being requested and approved by mobile phone
  • The manager can put out general announcements via the HR system
  • Employees can give each other feedback on it
  • Sickness is now properly recorded and can be seen by the manager on a calendar, meaning that he can easily see any patterns that might be there
  • They can now manage their own recruitment with applications direct to their system; successful candidates’ information is now read directly into the system for when they start.
  • They now have instant access to management information, including absence rates, turnover rates, time to recruit and so on.
  • All this and it is costing them nothing, because they are a charity!