Automation of HR Admin

Client quote –

  • Rosie did a great job of automating HR processes, which has given us far greater control over processes and data – Emma Turner, IT Director, Source BioScience Limited

Achievements –

  • I used the automation features of the existing HR system to produce contracts and letters, which are then sent electronically and stored on the system.  This has meant that the company does not need an HR administrator and also can gradually remove their paper personal files, making GDPR compliance simpler.
  • I automated processes, such as appraisal and probation, to make sure managers follow the process and keep records appropriately.

Challenge / objectives –

  • The objective was to reduce the amount of HR admin, which had meant employing a second HR person, who produced paperwork manually, sent it in the post and filed it in paper files.
  • The system was new to me and there was no one remaining in the company who understood it.

Work carried out –

  • I automated the generation of contracts
  • I automated the generation of letters confirming change of job title, manager, role, salary, location
  • I automated the appraisal process, so emails were sent to the employee and the line manager taking them through the process
  • I automated the induction and probation processes, so managers are led through monthly reviews and end of probation letters are generated.
  • I created screens in the system for recording job descriptions, benefits etc., so all HR information was stored in one place.

Results –

  • There is no longer any need for a second HR person in the company
  • All HR documents can be stored on the HR system and backed up to the cloud; access is controlled so all is GDPR compliant.