Rosie Forrest


Rosie is a highly experienced HR generalist with more than 25 years' HR experience


Rosie's Background

About ForHR

Most of the time ForHR is just me, but from time to time I will work with associates who have worked at a similarly high level in companies and who have a similar breadth of experience. This means that your account will always be covered by a highly proficient consultant.  Unlike many bigger consultancies, ForHR will not use an inexperienced person to do most of the work.

Due to the pandemic, some companies are considering the need for redundancies.  This can be a minefield, so if you need help, make sure you go to someone who is very experienced in this area.  I have done this many times and, being an Employment Tribunal panel member, I have also seen many examples of how not to do it!

Whilst happy to take on any HR project, I am particularly interested in employee engagement and organisational culture. I have seen that organisations are far more effective when they create the right environment to enable their employees to fully contribute at work. 

As Chair of the Board of Trustees for a mental health drop-in centre, I am also very interested in mental health and the impact of work on employees’ mental health (and vice versa).  I am keen on involving organisations in supporting such services in their local communities, getting development opportunities in return.

If you are a business owner or director wanting an HR partner;


If you are an HR Director wanting specialist help, or help with a large volume of work;


If you are an individual needing help with a work situation

Contact me at [email protected] or phone 07537 865 865